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Reviews of Davinci Gliders wings

Davinci Duet review

Credits to Construction has a very distinctive DaVinci touch: it’s sobre but of decent quality and even with a certain blend of ambition and originality. Definitely this glider is not a subtle ultralight but rather a solid workhorse. The risers made of 22mm wide vebbing, metal connector, 4-liner with thick sheated bottom lines… The […]

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Davinci Classic Review

  Hi guys, I thought it worth to put together a small review of this wing. I am the Davinci importer for the UK, but nevertheless, I would not want to claim BS and have angry customers afterwards, so the review will be as accurate as possible. I have been flying since 2008 and got […]

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Davinci Rhythm review

Davinci Rhythm: born to land DaVinci is a brand new Korean paragliding brand. Let’s try their glider for school and accuracy: the Rhythm. Design When the first time you pick up a product of a company just entering the market – there is always some concern about the quality of the workmanship. But in the […]

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Davinci X-Chord review

Hello to all eagles out there! 🙂 I’d like to share with you the XCHORD test report by Alexei at “Test Fly ” – Had a rest day with the conditions being too weak for good flying. So here are my first impressions on XChord: The take-off Take-off and ground handling is very specific, mostly due […]

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