MipBip solar audio vario


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MipBip by Mipfly!

4 great features besides its spectacular fly weight are: sensitivity, sound, solar energy and connection by means of a micro USB port.

The supplied Li-ion battery lasts at least 50+ hours when fully charged, according to the manufacturer. Furthermore, the solar panel also supplies energy while you are on the go.

About the device:

MipBip device concentrates a lot of power in a small form factor. The vertical speed sensing technology is based on the lessons learned from the One, it’s bigger brother, incorporating a high precision pressure sensor together with an precise and fast inertial measurement system.
The high-performance solar cell is able to provide almost all the energy that the device consumes in flight, with the added possibility to charge it while waiting to take-off.
Additionally, the MipBip can work as a data link providing telemetry data to a phone or table via the USB cable.
Easily performed update keeps the device in-line with the most demanding of our users, getting out everything that we can squeeze from the hardware.

Migh be supplied in a different colour than presented.

MipBip Manual_v2-3