Sol Savemax Rescue Parachute 33 / 37


The SAVEMAX emergence system is a parachute specially constructed for paraglide use. Its conception results in an opening time fast and reduces the involuntary openings.

SAVEMAX has the most modern in the emergence parachute technology development to paragliders. There are 7 models to all needs.

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Rescue Parachute 33 / 37

Made with the high strenght Nylon 6.6 which is specific to parachutes. All SAVEMAX models have a Pulled down system(APEX). The low pore size of the fabric (0-3 cfm) follows the F-111 Standard.

The lines are Nylon with great elasticity to minimize the opening impact. The points of connection of the lines are sewn with Nylon ribbons of high tenacity. The riser presents a resistance of 1.800kg.

Tradicional reserve of pulled down APEX System which has been sucessfully used for more than 15 years in all world.


33 – AFNOR PS 2031SL
37 – AFNOR PS 2030SL

Technical Data

Model 33 PDA 37 PDA
Size 33 37 m2
Number of Cells 14 16
Sink Rate 4,91 4,3 m/s
Minimum Weight 60 75 kg
Maximum Weight 110 125 kg
Weight Rescue 1,9 2,2 kg
Certification PS2031SL PS2031SL

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User’s Manual
Inner Rescue Parachute Container

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Rescue Parachute size

33, 37