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This kit is perfect for the fresh pilots aiming for their first XC flights. Harness comes with the reserve installed.

The wing: Davinci Classic 

The CLASSIC is the ideal mid-range EN-B glider.

It offers the easy inflation and soft handling which comes from shark nose profile and reduced line plan.

All pilots will be delighted to explore the fun factor and amazing LD and real-world performance the CLASSIC delivers.

The harness: Sol Callipox Airbag

Sol Callipox light.  A harness with smaller volume without abdicating the comfort and a compact design paired with the safety of the Cygnus Airbag.
Destined to all pilots who are searching for a light, comfortable, aerodynamic harness with precise handling.
Completely certified for back protection, structure (120kg) and operability (DHV GS-03-0375-10).Note:no discount for SOL products, but the bundle needs to have the right harness.

The reserve: Airvuisa V-105 

Our V-series ultralight reserves have outstanding performance without any compromise on the field of safety and durability, using the highest grade EU manufactured  materials and quality manufacturing and design.

We have achieved opening times of less than 3 seconds, using the latest technologies in the design process, comprehensive testing, use of special 29g/m² high quality EU manufactured material, as well as the use of our exclusive rescue container.
Our container is based on the well tested CROSS – one point principle, with our innovation of a special sleeve for neat packing of the 1.3mm Liros New age Dyneema lines. This ensures a quick and safe reserve opening, without the danger of entanglements, but also very easy packing. We have also integrated a special sleeve in order to protect the short part of the lines that are outside the reserve container.