Wasp paramotors – £50 price reduction


Promotion mechanism: order the price discount here, and when placing the order for your paramotor on wasppg.com, provide them with your discount invoice from us. You will then get the discount applied to the total price of your paramotor.

Please click here to visit Wasp website for more details, or contact Robert Ferrero directly at 07784 123 694

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Wasp – The British paramotor & accessory manufacturer

Wasp Titanium Paramotors + EOS and HE Engines

Wasp Paramotors combine lightweight powerful engines with an innovative and well designed chassis made of titanium and aluminium. The result is one of the lightest paramotors on the market combined with the greatest mechanical reliabilty.

Wasp Paramotors has created a special “low mobile bars system” which provides comfort in flight, eliminates torque effect and provides greater safety when foot launching and during take off.

All Wasp Paramotors are equipped with a large 12 litre fuel tank, allowing for longer and XC flights

Hexo paramotor frame


Titanium paramotor frame


Wasp Classic Titanium Paramotor frame

Classic Titanium