Bundle. XC starter kit

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1 x Davinci Funky EN-B


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1 x Sol AMX 2


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1 x Snowflake square ultralight reserve sf-105


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Paragliding kit for the ones aiming to step into the big XC flights category. The chosen wing is a High EN B as the safety should never be traded off for performance. Harness comes with the reserve installed.

Wing: Davinci Funky  EN B

Advanced glider with safe ambitions
Never before the ambitions have been so safe! Our Funky has a perfect balance between the high performance, safety and accessibility. Agile but user friendly, the Funky was created for pilots who want to get to the max still staying within the EN B class and having the fair EN B security. 

Harness: Sol AMX 2

The AMX 2 is a sophisticated and robust harness with an aerodynamic design, made for leisure and cross-country pilots who esteem comfort, high-performance piloting and good back and lateral protection systems. Note:no discount for SOL products, but the bundle needs to have the right harness.


Reserve: Airvuisa Snowflake 105

The SNOWFLAKE reserves are the next generation state-of-the-art paragliding rescue systems. They represent a breakthrough in performance including momentary high stability, extremely low sink rates and fast opening time, with durability and lightness at the same time.